TV Commercial - Monster Legends

Arnaud Janvier & François Dufour

Production; Cube Creative
Client; Social Point

Alexandre Pagot, Fabien Cellier, David Arnould, Yohan Mai,Mélissa Golcberg, Soline Bejuy, Charles-Anthony Pogam, Souli Bourgeois, Florian Falcucci, Alexandre Bretheau, Axel Tillement, Julien Donadille, Cyrill Calbac, Thomas Baratte Thiên-Co Pham , Philippe Rolland , Matthieu Petit, Romain Pam, Bruno Ortolland, Nicolas Lambelin , Alexandre Poirier , Tristan Michel, Rémi Chapotot, Bruno Bédeuselle, Walid YW.
A video game trailer co-created with François Dufour. The challenge was significant because we had to redesign the 2D esthetic of Monster Legend to better meet the expectations of 3D. In addition to directing, I did the 3D / 2D rendering direction and created the color environment.
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